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Indian States That Have a Bicameral Legislature

A conference committee is appointed when the two chambers cannot agree on the same wording of a proposal, and consists of a small number of legislators from each chamber. This tends to place much power in the hands of only a small number of legislators. Whatever legislation, if any, the conference committee finalizes is presented in an unamendable « take-it-or-leave-it » manner by both chambers. After a committee has completed work on a bill, it reports the bill to the appropriate house during the « reports of committees » in the daily order of business. The houses do not vote on a bill at the time it is reported; however, reported bills are placed on the calendar for the next legislative day.

The House of Representatives, on the other hand, is composed of 435 representatives, who are elected to represent their district only. Under the Constitution, each state is guaranteed equal representation and can elect two senators for six-year terms each. A referendum on introducing a unicameral Parliament instead of the current bicameral Parliament was held in Romania on 22 November 2009.

Is common law the body of law?

According to article 169 of the Indian constitution, a state can create a legislative when two-third majorities of members of legislative assembly passed a resolution for creating a new house, and Indian parliament approves that. The point to be noticed here is, wherever the bicameral legislature exists the power are not equally divided between both the houses. And in most of the cases, the lower house is always more powerful because members here are elected directly by the people. India has a federal form of government, where there are two types of government exits at the same time. The central government deals with the issue related to the national interest (defence, economy) and the state government deals with the point of local benefits (education, healthcare). The size, term of office, and method of election (directly elected, indirectly elected, appointed, or other) for each chamber of a bicameral system will vary by country.

  • Critics of bicameral legislatures argue that they are inefficient
    and easily stalemated by partisan politics.
  • Congress, those complications and blocking of the legislative process can happen at any time but are far more likely during periods when the House and Senate are controlled by different political parties.
  • One
    of the most contentious issues faced by the CONSTITUTIONAL
    Convention’s delegates was the matter of representation, in
    particular, whether states or citizens or both should be reflected
    in a new legislature.

And the newly built house is called as the Legislative council “Vidhan Parisad”. And after creating the Legislative council, the state can be considered of having a bicameral parliament. So it means a legislative council doesn’t exist by defaults in the states, it has to be created. Modern constitutional states often retain two chambers even though bicameralism has declined. Despite occasional opposition to them, bicameral national government legislatures remained prevalent throughout the 20th century. Following patterns established in the 19th century, unicameral councils or commissions came to predominate in American cities and counties.

How many states have bicameral legislatures?

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History of bicameral legislatures

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List of State Legislative Councils of India

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A practical reason for a bicameral system is to function as part of the larger system of checks and balances that balance the power of different parts of a government or a society. By dividing power within the legislative branch, bicameralism helps prevent the legislative branch from having too much power—a kind of intrabranch check. Within the legislative body, bicameralism has historically functioned to balance the power of different social classes or groups within a society.

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thoughts on “Bicameral Legislature in India and its States”

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Two-year terms are meant to keep representatives responsive to voters’ needs. There are 435 representatives in total, with the number from each state being in proportion to that state’s population. Alabama, for example, has seven representatives, while California has 53. The seven least-populous states—Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming—have only one representative each. A bicameral system can be contrasted with a unicameral system, in which all members of the legislature deliberate and vote as a single group.

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