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New kauri is the better tree in the The fresh new Zealand and provides one particular beneficial wood

New kauri is the better tree in the The fresh new Zealand and provides one particular beneficial wood

Going, he provided all of us having one or two vessels, in which Aunt Finlayson and you will young man, Sis Supposed and nephew, brand new native older, and myself embarked in the , and set away to own Takahiwai, particular seven distant and along the broad tidal lake

It varies from eighty foot to a single hundred legs and you will upwards in height, that have a trunk area from about three foot to eight ft for the diameter, however, specimens had been counted which have a beneficial diameter regarding completely twenty-several legs. New bark are effortless as well as a dark colored grey color, and you can drops out for the high apartment flakes; together with good looking globular cone is close to three ins inside the diameter. This new timber was of the large worthy of and you will combines a bigger level of a great characteristics inside the a premier[er] amount of perfection than nearly any almost every other pine timber generally fool around with. Of many logs try wonderfully clouded, feathered, otherwise mottled and are generally very valued for ornamental cabinet works, paneling, etc., realizing regarding ?eight so you can ?10 for every single a hundred ft superficial. Typical kauri timber rather than profile is utilized to possess wharves, links, and you can structure work essentially. It is exported so you can a heightened the quantity than nearly any most other New Zealand timber and affords a job to help you nearly you to definitely-3rd of one’s entire persons involved with wood conversion in the colony.

Thursday, October 24

We invested the day from the Sibling Finlayson’s perusing an abundance of records over the fresh Whangarei Area, Brother Finlayson’s house as the district headquarters at present. Regarding the step three:00 p.yards. Elders Gardner and you may Goff been to the horseback getting Takahiwai, leaving me to proceed with the following day, in the team having Older Finlayson and others.

Saturday, October twenty five. I emerged very early, and also at seven:00 a good. We walked a couple of kilometers around the certain lowlands, beyond hence we had been overtaken by a couple of Sibling Finlayson’s boys which have horses, which they had put around the swamps that people had crossed by walking. I climbed the pets and you may rode five miles in order to Waro, good coal mine and railway terminus. Just after examining the mines plus the adjoining limestone quarries, i moved along the song you to mile so you can Hikurangi, a nice nothing urban area that have two hundred inhabitants, where i boarded the instruct in the nine:forty-five an effective. C. Supposed, his nephew, and you can Hoane Tautahi Pita, a local elderly. As they continued by train towards the wharf, Sister Finlayson and i had away from during the Whangarei to attend to certain organization, so we later strolled two kilometers on the wharf.

Soon after, young Robert Supposed, out-of Grahamstown, came across the water with some ship for taking all of us to help you his father’s household; however, here getting too many of us to get covered within shortly after, three folks returned earliest and had a pleasant two-kilometer sail on the tidal river. I arrived at foot of a few slopes toward leftover all over and therefore we moved through the huge slide off rain, because the ship returned towards most other guests. Immediately after first investing a visit to Limestone Island, i held an appealing little conference at household of Mr. Henry H. Supposed at the Grahamstown, from which I spoke more than one hour; and you can shortly after taking part of your hospitality out of Mr.

Our very own target in undertaking at this later hours of your own nights were to make use of high water, while the lake is very shallow in a lot of cities. Truth be told there getting no piece of cake, we rowed entirely. The night try black and cloudy, and lots of times i lost the reckoning, not being able to come across either the fresh shore or perhaps the mangroves and that is actually growing very heavy on low elements of this new river, as well as in reality line everything how. In detail i shed the means inside cruising up as a result of a keen inlet or slim starting from the mangroves, by which we were to reach the brand new community off Takahiwai. I ran aground over repeatedly, unable to pick otherwise keep in the newest station. For once we could score zero further any kind of means i became; and so i chose to get-off all of our crafts making shore, even though i don’t understand where in fact the town is actually.

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